Upcoming Events

Paid Pre-registration is required for all of these events. Please feel free to contact us at info@campbellsgold.com for more information on any of these events.



Lets Plant for the Bees
May 26, from 1pm-3pm  (No cost)

Come out and learn about the importance of plants for the bees and help us plant wildflowers, sunflowers and much more. This year we are teaching about how important a diverse floral environment is for the health of honey bees and many other pollinators. We welcome you to a free on-farm short educational session starting a 1:00 pm followed by planting and then returning for light refreshments as your reward for helping us plant.



Junior Beekeepers Day Camp
July 24 – 27  ($210)

For ages 6 – 12 years old, this camp is designed for children to walk through the concept of beekeeping from beginning to end in simple terms. This will include working with bees, building equipment, harvesting honey, producing candles, lots of fun and activities. We do it all in an engaging way.



Mid-Summer Mead Fest
July 31, from 7pm-9pm  ($30 per person)

This is a mid- summer, evening event with a delightful range of honey wines, appetizers and gentle summer melodies to sustain the wonderful summer fun. Come and meet your neighbours, bring a friend and there will be fun galore. You may also want to see the beginnings of our project for a bee friendly demonstration garden and outside educational area . In addition, a unique labyrinth is being designed by Tracie Stewart and it should be underway by mid-summer.



Beeswax Candle Classes
July 5, 12, & 19,  from 10am-11:30am  ($20)

Come and learn how to make candles. We will choose beeswax sheets in the colour of your preference and learn how to make 2 sets of candles.



Fall & Winter Hive Management Workshop
Saturday, August 25, from 10am-12:30pm  ($15.00)

Designed for those who are new beekeepers and want to ensure they prepare their hive to have the best potential for making it through the winter, we go through nutrition and treatment considerations for late summer into fall which will best prepare your hives to overwinter successfully.



Open Hive Wednesdays
August 8, 15, 22 & 29, from 2-3 pm  ($5.00 Drop-ins welcome)

Adventure with Master Beekeepers Mike and Judy Campbell, and their daughter Jenny, into live hives and watch their beekeeping activities. We will provide a little theory, but mostly this will be a time that you follow along with the beekeepers on whatever their beekeeping routine is for the day. Bring all of your questions.



Introduction to Mead Making
Sept 21 & 22  ($250.00)

This will be a small group session for those interested in getting started at hobby Mead making. We will start Friday evening and then carry on Saturday. The program is designed to provide you with the basics so that you can go away and begin your Mead Making immediately. Tastings and practical experience is at the core of this bootcamp.

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